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Photographer Lassi Rautiainen recently captured the profound partnership between a she-wolf and a brown bear in the wilds of northern Finland. For days, he witnessed the strange pair meet every evening to share food after a hard day of hunting. No one knows when or how this relationship was formed, “but it is certain that by now each of them needs the other.” - Source

I want my blog to be full of interspecies relationships forever

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First day at Reed amounted to…

- a sweet and spacious dorm room
- a ton of friendly dorky people whom I love
- a delicious vegan dinner in evening light on a field in front of my beautiful residence hall
- a fire dancing show in an outdoor amphitheater separated from the lake by only three fir trees
- chinese cigarettes on a bench with a roof in the dark and a long talk covering all things intimate, punctuated by delightful nighttime laughter